Red Chilli Roda Indian Restaurant


Red Chilli Roda is opened in July 2018 after experiencing great success for our first restaurant in Gouvia, Corfu.

Our original (and still current) mission was to deliver authentic Indian flavours and textures to Greece. We have achieved this due to our long experience as Indian chefs, working both in Europe and the Indian subcontinent. We are proud to say our diners are entirely satisfied with their experiences so far, with locals coming regularly and tourists leaving us great reviews, and so it was clear we had to bring our recipes to other parts of Corfu.

If you are fond of Indian food we hope you shall pay us a visit next time you are in Roda. In the meantime check out our menus to inspire your tastebuds!

Take a look on our menu

For reservation, simple call us!

Tel:   26630 63669

Mob: 6943780106

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