Carrefour Express Market




The Express Market is on the mainstreet of Roda, just 100 mtr from the beach on the left side. For over fifteen years (G. Papoutsis), we offer a variety of products for your daily shopping, whilst you are on holiday. Two shops on the same roof, left side souvenirs, on the right the supermarket. We make sure that we offer you the highest quality of (local) products.

The super market is opened daily at 08:30 throughout the day till 24:00 / 1.00.

In our Supermarket &  you can find: Fresh Vegetables, Fruit, Beers, wines and spirits (Corfu Kumquat, Limoncello, Ouzo) Soft drinks and Juices, Dairy Products, Freezer Produducts, Domestic products, olive oil, olives, olive products.

Personal Hygiene Products. Beach equipment, Tobacco and Cigarettes.

And many more with the best prices and best value!